We hope that one day our normal pattern of services will be resumed, which were as follows:

8.00 am
Holy Communion: A short traditional service from the Book of Common Prayer (40 minutes approx.)

10.30 am

  • 1st Sunday: Informal Worship: A relaxed Service with our worship band (about an hour)
  • 2nd and 4th Sunday: Holy Communion Service:  accompanied by the Choir and Church Organist(just over an hour)
  • 3rd Sunday: A less formal Communion Service, with participation from our young people (just over an hour).
  • 5th Sunday:  Morning Prayer/Matins/Celebration of Wholeness and Healing (about an hour) please see the Parish Magazine for the most up to date details.

Refreshments served after all 10.30am services.

6.30 pm
1st Sunday of the month only,  usually a traditional Evensong (about an hour)

Q. I am new to this church, what happens?

Just turn up as you are - there's no dress code or formalities! You will receive a warm welcome as you enter the door, and  you will be given everything you need for the service plus a notice sheet for the forthcoming week. You are free to sit in any pew you wish. 

At our Communion services where bread and wine are offered, when we reflect Jesus' last supper with his disciples, everyone is invited to come to the altar either to receive the bread and wine, or for a personal blessing.  You are also welcome to remain in your seat if you prefer.

We have an authorised prayer ministry team who will pray with you in the side chapel during or after every 10.30am Sunday morning service. Please make use of the candle stand to shed the light of Jesus onto any concerns you have.

teaYou are warmly invited to stay for a coffee and a chat after the service. Refreshments are served in the North Chapel (behind the organist).

The picture is an interesting detail from one of our stained glass windows.

Q. I have children, are they welcome?

Of course! We are all children of God, whatever our age, and our welcome team are happy to provide parents and carers with age-appropriate books, etc.  During term time, primary age children are invited to join 'Friends and Heroes'  who leave for the Vestry Hall during the service.

We also have other special events for children and young people.

Q. Do you cater for people with disabilities?

We have an induction loop system installed in the Church. Please sit on the right hand side near the yellow notices and set your hearing aid to the 'T' position for best reception of sound. If you are having any problem with the loop system, please speak to a sidesperson who can advise one of our sound team. Large print service sheets and hymn books are available, as are soft cushions. Wheelchair access is easiest through the side Lady Chapel door, which opens electronically and has a ramp into the main part of the church. A couple of pews in the nave have been shortened to provide wheelchair spaces. The toilet in the Church Vestry is accessible.

Q. Is there a toilet?

There is a toilet in the Church Vestry under the tower.

Q. Sundays are difficult, can I come another day?

On the first Thursday of each month, there is a service of Holy Communion at 9.15am.  During our interregnum (commencing 10th February 2020) this will be replaced by Prayer Time with our Reader, Mrs Sarah Emanuel.

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