From the Vicarage

April 2019

Dear All,

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter – but that feels a bit incongruous as I type this today – on Ash Wednesday!  Still full of yesterday’s overeating of pancakes, and now starting the experience and ‘journey’ of Lent (I don’t like overusing that word ‘journey’, but I do feel that Lent is a journey) a time of real and renewed openness to God and what He might be saying to us, or discovering where He is trying to direct us.  Who knows where we might end up?! Even if that is just a changed state of mind about an issue or our lives.  If we have entered Lent with open and willing hearts and ears, then we re-meet Jesus and each other as changed people on Easter Day – something to fully rejoice.

So as I write this on the start of Lent – I do wish you all a safe and satisfying journey to Easter – and that Easter is truly joyful for you.  We remind ourselves of, and then celebrate, the new life that can be had in our relationship with Jesus using the lovely English signs of Spring – an easy demonstration for us; lambs; flowers/daffodils; baby rabbits and so on, but of course there is new life to be had in each of us and in communities as well.

The Church is experiencing new life as we also change and evolve.  At this time of year we have personnel changes following the Annual Parish Church Meeting (APCM) on the 10th.  At this meeting we formally elect people in various roles including the Church Council, some new members will bring fresh and new ideas which is exciting, although we are always sad to see people stand down (mandatory after 6yrs).  

Following on from writing last month about vocations and listening to God, I am really delighted that Jane Lowther has already put her hand up and volunteered to be our next Treasurer. As you will see in this magazine from her article about herself,  Jane will bring her own gifts and skills to this demanding job and possibly different ways of doing things and we will support her in this.  It is one of those jobs that the person has to do in their own way. So Jane – we welcome you along with other members who will be elected at the APCM and thank you for standing up to volunteer!  

Your Church exists for all of us but also it exists because of all of us.  That has been the case for generations and we are grateful too for all those gone before us who have made Marden Church what it is today.

Sometimes the journey might be hard and long (be it Lent or other), but the new life at the end is worth celebrating!

Happy Easter everyone!

Love Alison