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From the Vicarage

October 2019

Dear Friends,

Continuing on from last month of giving thanks for the great generosity of God, we celebrate Harvest this month.  Marden has been a farming community for generations, but as we know the landscape is changing in response to the change and expansion of our global lives.  Now we enjoy fruit and veg from exotic climes, metals and minerals from afar, technology and material from ‘neighbouring’ continents and it seems we have come to expect such things to be available to us through world trade.  Well, I for one continue to give thanks for the Harvest which has moved from being local to global, and I thank God for the diversity I can now enjoy.

Rather than it being an expectation that I am continued to be supplied with such things though, we have now reached a crisis (in Fact Kent County Council has declared this) in that we have not only overdone it but are also ruining the world as we know it, making life not just difficult for some, but a real tragedy – all life forms are affected.  So now, I must give thanks to God this harvest time for the foods and materials I HAVE enjoyed, but might not enjoy any longer.  

It’s time to realise that we CAN’T take things for granted, even if we have in the past.  It’s even more important now, I think, to thank God for all that we continue to have AND to take part in ensuring that the world, that we have so much control over, is sustainable – in itself and for all life forms.  Please see the Eco Update further in (page 7) and do join in as an Eco Warrior in Marden – it is a sign of Harvest thanksgiving in reality.

There is a Marden Eco Hub starting – pop into the Vestry Hall on 12th October (see page 10) and see what it’s all about.

Try ECOSIA as a search engine on your computer instead of GOOGLE.  

Come and say ‘thank you’ to God at the Harvest Festival service on Sunday October 6th (see page 2) for all that we have had and all that we do have and together, let’s renew our commitment to ensure there are Harvests to come – all around the world, for a sustainable world.

Love Alison