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Marden Food Bank at the Vestry Hall, High Street

Marden Foodbank based at Marden School A map to see the location of the Vestry Hall can be viewed here

Marden Foodbank

Do not enter the Vestry Hall; Food will be available in the Porch area and remember to keep a 2 metre distance from other people at all times.

Stay Safe.

Opening Hours: Monday and Friday between 10am and 12 noon.  

Food and toiletry item donations may be left at the Vestry Hall during the Food Bank opening hours. 

To use the Food Bank you must still have a referral from one of the following:
Marden Children's Centre

Your GP (Doctor)

Family Liaison Officer at the School

Your Social Worker

For the Foodbank to be able to meet families' needs, we do need to please ask for the communities' continued help. 

Donations of both food/toiletries and finance are still increasingly important to the continuation of this service.  Any donations are welcome, but the food/household items that are particularly useful are:

Washing powder/liquid (smaller sizes please so they are easy to carry), Nappies, Baby Milk, Toilet Roll, Pasta, Rice, Cooking Sauces. We are also experiencing an increased demand for shower gel, deodorant, shampoo and sanitary products.

If you wish and are able to make a financial donation, please contact our Treasurer Jane Lowther click here  or phone 01622 832974 and she will give you the details to make a simple and secure bank transfer. If you can only offer cash - please discuss that with Jane as to how the transaction can be made. Alternatively, a donation can be made at The One Stop shop.

In the meantime we thank all villagers, local shops and community initiatives who have made generous donations both financially and in food items to this Food Bank. 

Thank you to all the families in the village who have used/are using the new Foodbank. The Church, Parish Council, Children’s Centre and School, who are all jointly involved with this are delighted that you, those families who need it the very most, have been able to utilise the facilities, and that as a community we have been able to help meet your needs. We all hope that you are able to continue to access the supplies available and please remember that there is always someone you can contact to help in these difficult times. Click here


Kent County Council has launched a helpline called Kent Together. It is a single, convenient point of contact for anyone who is in urgent need of help during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Phone:03000 419292