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An Eco Church in Marden?

Jesus said ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’  This commands a love (which is beyond tolerance) that extends to those unknown, with the example of  the story of the Good Samaritan.  Such love can be costly, involve crossing boundaries of habit and culture but to care for the planet and its resources is one way we can love our neighbour. 

The A ROCHA UK organisation has a scheme of detailed questions and challenges for Churches to become an Eco Church and even win an award. 

Following the Archdeacon’s talk at our APCM this year, we have registered with A ROCHA UK and a small group of us are working through the questionnaire and looking at how we can make effective changes and promote such loving living in the community.

Five areas are covered in the questions:  Worship and Teaching; Buildings; Land; Community and Global; Lifestyle.  It is understood that a Church that has stood for 1000 years has some constraints, but there are still some changes we can implement and we will introduce these as and when we can. 

Already we have scored a gold in Worship and Teaching, but the other areas still need much work and we are researching and actioning the suggestions over a period of time.

We are introducing bird boxes and bug hotels to the Churchyard.  We will be asking the Charity Group to consider an environmental charity for 2020. We must commit to pray for environmental issues and we are looking for user friendly Bible Study course for personal and group use, in the hope it will be taken up.  News sheets will be given out on the way OUT of Church to save paper.

There are many other things we can do and we will keep you updated but meantime, please love your neighbour through the Church, mindful of the origin, production and packaging of your cleaning products and food.

(July 2019)


Community Eco Hub logo

This Group is currently in the process of being set up and hopefully will be working with the church and parish council on Eco Projects that will benefit the whole community.  They don't have a website yet but please look at their Facebook Page here and find out what they are all about and how you can join in.

More news coming soon...…...