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Charity of the Month

Each month we support a different charity. Information about the chosen charity is published in the Parish magazine, and a presentation is made at the 10.30 service on the first Sunday of the month.

The Charity for the month of October is Mothers' Union Overseas Development Fund

Most of the Mothers’ Union Overseas work is supported by the Mothers’ Union Overseas Fund. Through this fund they are able to arrange community workers throughout 30 different countries across the globe. This includes amongst many others hundreds of isolated South Pacific Islands, Guyana, Myanmar and 27 of Africa’s 53 countries. Through this dedicated network, communities are encouraged and supported to lead and direct their own development.

Major programmes have been introduced across a range of countries designed to lead to sustainable transformation locally.

Church and Community Mobilisation

Literacy and Financial Education

Savings and Credit Groups


Examples of how your donations can help.

£40.00 will help to train a Parenting Coordinator in Papua New Guinea. equipping parents and carers with skills to build more fulfilling relationships with their children .Helping parents to provide a stable family environment for their children has been shown to reduce violence, crime and other stresses in the wider community.   

£18.00 could support a woman to complete a numeracy course. This education is more than words and numbers, it is a key that opens a world of opportunity and puts her in control of her own future. 

£15.00 could be used to help produce a pack that equips a community to become more resilient to conflict and natural disaster, and recover from such shocks more quickly. Tailored to their needs, the pack would suggest new ways for members to get creative with the resources and skills they already have to introduce preventative measures in their community.

For further information please see the Charity of the Month Board in church, or look at Please support this very worthwhile cause.

Carol Walker

The Charity for the month of November is Fegans

Fegans is a 149-year-old Christian charity that has continually delivered care to children and families according to the needs of each succeeding generation. 

They started off by running a children’s home at Blantyre House, but today they focus on counselling children and providing parental support, intervention and training. Their aim is to provide families most in need of parenting or therapeutic support with the care they require to become self-sufficient contributors to society and therefore break generational cycles of behaviour. This work with parents and children helps to enable them to manage their lives, build relationships and make positive choices. 

A particular project in this area, involving Fegan’s, is called the Weald Family Hub, and parishes in the Deanery have supported this. With the increasing problem of mental health issues among young people**, counsellors are now employed by Fegan’s, and offer subsidised support so that they can work with struggling pupils. Fegans provides a full range of professional services in their centres and also in primary and secondary schools throughout London and the South East. 

** Recently released statistics show that mental health issues among young people have reached epidemic proportions, with almost 1 in 10 being diagnosed with mental illness, and a similar number being involved in self harm. Currently 75% of those who need professional help are not receiving it. 

Please support this charity which is locally based and is very much involved with young people in the Weald area.  Donations may be made through the charity box near the church door.  

Also, please come along to a Lunch in aid of Fegan’s, consisting of soup, bread, cake and tea/coffee, on Friday 29th November between 12.15 and 14.00 in the Vestry Hall.  There is no charge but donations will be appreciated towards Fegan’s. 

Brian Woodgate Chairman, Charity Committee.