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ECO CHURCH UPDATE - November 2019 (from the Parish Magazine)



This month, many of us are thinking about Christmas – presents and cards for those we care about.

We can be more eco-friendly by

·     Restricting the gift giving – agree in your family to perhaps only buy for the children.  Everyone else probably has all they need

Giving your time – perhaps as ‘vouchers’ they can redeem – 1 hour of babysitting for example while Mum goes to have her hair cut.

Buying experiences, not ‘things’. Cinema tickets, theatre tickets are a good place to start

Checking you’re not buying too much plastic – I’m looking at you, Christmas Crackers !

Buying from charity shops – many items are ‘good as new’ and you’re helping someone else with your purchase.

Buying and sending fewer cards – but when you do, buy cards that benefit a charity and remember to recycle afterwards. You can also use this magazine’s Christmas greetings option

Making something for someone, or giving them a cutting from your garden

Our Eco Church initiative is run under the guidelines of an organisation called A Rocha. You can discover more about them at

Amanda Abbitt


carbon footprint

Do you know about your personal carbon footprint? Go to to take a simple survey and find out more.

ALSO ……...

We are encouraging each other (if fit and able to do so) to leave the car at home and walk or cycle, to church every First Sunday (although please walk every Sunday if you are able and can). 

Walking to church

Also to cut emissions, on other occasions, always try to carshare please!

If you are driving - give someone a lift

We are also reducing the amount of news sheets that we print each week, and encourage people to read on line via this website (click here to read current issue). 

Can we also please encourage you all, to think about your personal environmental footprints and consume Fairtrade and/or ethically produced goods where possible.

Fairtrade logoWhat is Fair Trade

Remember the Three R's - REDUCE - REUSE- RECYCLE

Try using as your 'go to' search engine 

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