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ECO CHURCH UPDATE - October 2019

This is the first of our monthly ‘Eco Church’ updates. Each month, we’ll update you on what we’re doing, and offer suggestions and tips for how you too can be more ‘Eco’. It’s not necessarily about making huge changes, with great upheaval and inconvenience. It’s simply about looking at everything we do and asking – can we do it better? Can we do it with less harm to the environment? Even small changes can make a big impact. 

Many of us now refuse plastic shopping bags (I expect we all have one or more cloth bags by our door) but where else can we reduce plastic waste? Here are a few ideas:- 

·    Storage – re-use clean jars to store things in your fridge and freezer instead of plastic boxes (but if you already have plastic boxes, keep using them until they are completely worn out)

·    Use foil (which can be reused and eventually recycled) to wrap sandwiches, or look for paper sandwich bags or even beeswax wraps when you are shopping. Recycled foil is available to buy

·     Water bottles – ‘refuse’ the single use bottle and carry a reusable one. More and more ‘filling stations’ are popping up everywhere.

Our Eco Church initiative is run under the guidelines of an organisation called ‘A Rocha’. They have produced a helpful Bible study on ‘Plastics in God’s Ocean’ which you might like to use, either individually or in a group. It can be accessed here

 Amanda Abbitt

ALSO ……...

We are encouraging each other (if fit and able to do so) to leave the car at home and walk or cycle, to church every First Sunday (although please walk every Sunday if you are able and can). 

Walking to church

Also to cut emissions, on other occasions, always try to carshare please!

If you are driving - give someone a lift

We are also reducing the amount of news sheets that we print each week, and encourage people to read on line via this website (click here to read current issue). 

Can we also please encourage you all, to think about your personal environmental footprints and consume Fairtrade and/or ethically produced goods where possible.

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Remember the Three R's - REDUCE - REUSE- RECYCLE

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