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We have received our Bronze Award!!!  

Eco Church Bronze Award

ECO CHURCH UPDATE - From the June Edition of the Parish Mag

As I write, some of the lockdown restrictions are being lifted, and some of the shops will now be opening again. It’s good that people can return to their jobs in retail….but perhaps something has changed. What have you discovered about your shopping habits, during the lockdown?

Have you realised that shopping has been something you just ‘do’, without thinking about it? Have you been able to discover great ethical brands online, when your favourite shops have been shut? Or have you been rediscovering an ability to ‘make do and mend’? Our planet needs us to consume less, so being able to reuse/repurpose items is good for our purses, and the world we live in.

Many people have been baking instead of buying bread, sewing on buttons instead of throwing things away and finding that crafts with old cardboard boxes and kitchen roll tubes can be just as satisfying as those done with specially-bought plastic components.

Let’s give some prayerful thought to those changes we’ve made due to the shops being shut, and how we can continue to live in a more ‘Eco Friendly’ way once the shopping centres are open again. Our Eco Church initiative is run under the guidelines of an organisation called A Rocha. You can discover more about them at
Amanda Abbitt

(Our Eco Church initiative is run under the guidelines of an organisation called A Rocha. You can discover more about them at


carbon footprint

Do you know about your personal carbon footprint? Go to to take a simple survey and find out more.

ALSO ……...

We encourage each other (if fit and able to do so) to leave the car at home and walk or cycle, to church every First Sunday (although please walk every Sunday if you are able and can). 

Walking to church

To cut emissions, on other occasions, always try to carshare please! (Although we appreciate that under the current COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to give others lifts in our cars at the moment).

If you are driving - give someone a lift

Although we had restricted the amount of newsheets we printed to cut down on paper, encouraging people to read on line, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions this is now only available to read online (click here to read current issue). 

Can we also please encourage you all, to think about your personal environmental footprints and consume Fairtrade and/or ethically produced goods where possible.

Fairtrade logoWhat is Fair Trade

Remember all the R's !

Refuse: Anything which is single use

Reduce: Consumption of goods

Reuse: Everything!!

Refurbish: Old stuff

Repair: Before you replace

Repurpose: Be creative, reinvent

Recycle: Last option!

Try using as your 'go to' search engine 

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