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From the Vicar

December  2017

December again already!  Is it snowy outside or rainy or have we got low sun in our eyes?  Is it cold or mild or foggy?  Why are we Brits so obsessed with the weather?  That we always talk about weather is an observation often made by others and certainly my family in Oz have commented.  I guess it’s because in this country it’s so changeable and also it does affect our daily lives.  Coats, brollies, gloves, suncream, fan/heating etc all have to be thought about, decided upon and chosen.  Whatever the weather though, time, as we know, waits for no-one and here we are again about to celebrate Christmas, after the Advent season.  This has been happening for nigh on 2020 years and why?  Because thankfully, the story lives on.  We come and go; in this country the summers and winters come and go, but the Christmas story never changes.  It can’t – its history.  And to play on words it’s also His-story.  Jesus, in the whole story of God, changed everything.

We remember that at this time, God, our almighty creator, became a human being, to show us something - not only all those things we think about Jesus like, how to behave towards each other or even the power of God, through his healings, or even the wisdom of God, through his teachings.  What did God show us in becoming a man in the world?  That he loves all of us truly deeply and unquestionably, however disadvantaged or privileged we might be.  To get the point across he was born to an, as yet, unmarried mother (scandalous at the time) and in filthy squalid conditions – pretty much homeless.  So demonstrating that he can and does want to relate to the disadvantaged and vulnerable as he’s been there, done that and got the teeshirt.  And who visited this new baby?  A mixture of dirty peasant people (the shepherds) and the seemingly wealthy intelligent (the magi/wise men) from far away lands.  Can you imagine, they came from miles to bring extortionately expensive gifts to this baby in a dirty barn with unmarried parents!

All that tells me that Jesus is for all.  So how does this tell me that God loves each of us?  Well not only was that birth experience shocking and all inclusive enough we know that God leads us all to another part of his story – Easter, when he died (again in awful circumstances) to break any divisions left between him and us, so that we might choose life with him and that includes eternal life.

So – what’s the weather like today as you contemplate going outside?  You have a choice – suncream or brolly – boots or sandals etc.  Each of us has another choice too – is Christmas just history or His Story and do we want to enter into it ourselves?  This Christmas, choose Jesus.  He makes a difference when we have a relationship with him, because he loves each of us so much.

We have loads of services in Church this month where you can hear more of His Story and decide for yourself.  Come and see, Come and hear, Come and sing, Come and listen, Come and enjoy.  Come.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Love Alison.