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From the Vicar

February 2018

Dear All

What seems to be so soon after Christmas, as a Vicar, I am now already required to be making plans for the celebrations of Easter!  When can we decorate with lilies, will we be making pancakes, has the service been organised for Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, what shall we sing at those services this year…..

I’m not alone seemingly - I understand that one of the big supermarkets was selling Cream eggs in the week BEFORE Christmas.  Rush rush rush it seems, and does all this hype and rush give us any breathing space, any time to think or even enjoy things at all?

Well now – let’s do just that and have a think.

Christians believe that Jesus is God on earth, so it makes sense that if God is almighty and all knowing, that He realised He would die for us right from the beginning.  He also knew that He had to be born on earth for that death to happen, and of course that it was all for the purpose of saving us from ourselves and our own selfish desires – to bring us closer if not, into one healthy relationship with God.

Now, if you reread that last sentence, it seems to me it was all a bit of a rush and a muddle in the global scheme of things, so why should our lives be any different now?

There is nothing wrong with forward planning or a bit of overlap in my mind as everything is connected, but we still need to be able to be ‘in the moment’.  In February, whilst we might well be in the throes of making plans for Easter; services (in my case), holidays, exams, marriages, house moves etc, we do still have the opportunity to be truly ‘in the moment’. It’s called Lent.

A time of 6 weeks, set aside for being and doing exactly that, in amongst the busyness (or boredom) of our lives.  A time to think, to reflect on what is important to us, what our priorities are and on the meaning of Easter.  Most often we are in the habit of self-denial during this time, or even taking something else on – a time to take ourselves out of our comfort zone, to force us to think and be ‘in the moment’ with God.

You will see throughout this magazine opportunities for you to begin to be ‘in the moment of Lent’ and you might like to join any or all of these…….

We start with a special penitential service on Wednesday 14th (tricky date I know!) on Ash Wednesday; A weekly Lent Lunch of soup with donations going to charity; a weekly Lent discussion group.  There is more in March of course, but we start in February.  Let’s not pass our time groaning about a busy rush or muddle, or indeed watching the grass grow, but let’s get ‘in the moment’ of the here and now, amongst all that and discover what God wants of each of us, and what we want of God.

May you be blessed ‘in the moment’ as we start this Lent.

In the meantime, do keep your eyes on the Churchyard for signs of growth from the bulbs we planted!

With love – Alison.


Ash Wednesday – Wednesday 14th February
Holy Communion (with the Imposition of Ashes) at 7.30pm

Every Tuesday starting on 20th February 12 – 2 pm
Lent lunch of homemade soup, bread and fruit in Church.

Lent Group starting on Wednesday 21st February
Wednesdays at 7.30 pm in Church